On Tuesday October 5, 2021, Comrade Ayodele Adebowale Adewale visited His Royal Majesty, Oba Alayeluwa Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III, the Elegushi of Ikate Kingdom who he first met in 1997 as a student leader in Lagos State University. King Saheed Elegushi was not just a very handsome Prince back then and now but one of the most fashionable students on campus. He was also a member of NULIS and NULAS a very strong Lagos State indigenous student association.

   Going forward, he was one of those who strongly supported and campaigned for me to become the President of the Student’s Union at the Lagos State University in his 200 level. Back then they were unaware that they shared the same progenitor and same ancestral blood line.

  Comrade Ayodele Adebowale Adewale, the first grandson of Princess Jokotade Oloto (Sisi mi as she was fondly called) who was the first child and daughter of Prince Moses Oloto (Baba Oni wire as he was popularly known because he worked at the P&T, a telecommunication company in Nigeria) who was the first son of King Ajayi Oloto, the 9th Oloto of Oto and Ido Kingdom, a direct descendant of Olofin Ogunfuminire who migrated to Lagos from Ile Ife during the great migration of the Awori people from Ile Ife to Lagos.

   Comrade Ayodele was privileged to be with King Saheed Elegushi in the company of King Kabiru Kolawole Ilufemiloye Adelaja Agbabiaka, the Osolo of Isolo Kingdom who is also one of the Awori Kings and a descendant of Olofin Ogunfunminire, founder of the Awori’s.

  Olofin Ogunfunminire and his followers left the Palace of Oduduwa (founder of the Yoruba nation) in Ile Ife and migrated southward along a river.

  Oduduwa had given Olofin Ogunfunminire a mud plate and instructed him to place it on the water and follow it until it sank into the river where it shall symbolize as their destination of settlement.

  The plate after traveling for so many days sank at a place now known as Ido before others on the voyage continued on the journey and settled at various parts in Lagos which include Ojo, Ijaniki, Amuwo Odofin, Isolo, Iba, parts of Badagry, Alimosho and many more.

   Comrade Ayodele Adewale was the youngest Local Government Chairman in 2008. He served two 3year terms from October 2008 – October 2014 as the Executive Chairman of Amuwo Odofin Local Government. During his tenure he upgraded social infrastructure, amenities and transformed the Local Government into a thriving economic hub for business activities making it a peaceful and secure environment for business and its residents.

  The Local Government collaborated with the private sector laboratory centres, pharmacies and plugged their services into the public health service. With these initiatives, the local government was able to offer free basic primary health services to all, gave special attention to the aged and children especially with provision of free drugs.

    It is on record that the administration paid N100,000 and N70,000 monthly salary to NYSC Corps doctors at the riverine and Up land area respectively and also provided them with accommodation. Other disbursements included – NYSC nurses N50,000, NYSC teachers N50,000 at the riverine and N35,000 at the up land, NYSC Engineers were N50,000 and the least NYSC Corper was paid N20,000. His administration took the highest number of Corps members in Nigeria. At a point his administration was paying in total over 5,000,000 naira as salary.

   Comrade Ayodele Adewale administration also employed 820 non pensionable workers into all the departments and units. The salary cost was over N26, 000,000 naira monthly.

   Amuwo Odofin Local Government won the award for Best Local Government  in Health in the year 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Some of the projects carried out during his administration includes:

1. Construction of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Legislative ultra-modern Building ( Freedom House )

2. Rehabilitation of 22 Road in FESTAC Town (9,369.00m).

3. Rehabilitation of 4th Avenue Road in FESTAC Town ( 6170.80 sqm)

4. Rehabilitation of 41/401 Road in FESTAC Town (3,934.40m)

5. Rehabilitation of 322 Road in FESTAC Town (4,388.48 Sqm)

6. Rehabilitation of 4th Avenue Service Lane in FESTAC Town  (6170.80 Sqm)

7. Rehabilitation of 21 Road , I Close, FESTAC Town (1,985.21 Sqm)

8. Rehabilitation of 311 Road, FESTAC Town.

9. Construction of a block of 6 at Igbologun Community.

10. Construction of a block of 6 classrooms at Itu-Agan Community.

11. Construction of a block of 6 classrooms at Tomaro/Ilado Community.

12. Construction of a long block wall fencing at Sagbokoji Community.

13. Rehabilitation of 2nd Avenue Road in FESTAC Town.

14. Rehabilitation of 7th Avenue Road in FESTAC Town.

15. Construction of a block of 6 classrooms at RCM primary school Igbologun.

16. Construction of a block of 6 classrooms at UPE primary school, 3rd Avenue.

17. Construction of Town Hall at Igbologun.

18. Construction of Abule-Ado Health Centre Extension.

19. Construction of Doctors Lodge at Igbologun Primary Health Centre, amongst others.

20. Created a Twitter handle, Google plus and website for the local government,

21. Created a 10,000 copies weekly newsletter called Amuwo Odofin Prism and a quarterly colorful 5,000 copies news magazine called Amuwo Herald.

22. Creation of the Amuwo Odofin Shuttle Bus system which was started with 4 buses by his administration.

23. Created Amuwo Odofin Green Club.

24. Created Amuwo Odofin Environmental Rangers.

25. Purchase of 38 brand new Toyota Corolla for political appointees and management staffs.

26. Purchase of 2 brand new Toyata Helux vans, 3 Tundra Jeeps, raincoats et al for police officers in the LG.

27. Renovation of the Divisional Police Officers Festac office.

28. Provision of sports materials I.e 20 modern bicycles, punching gloves and bags, footballs, basketballs et al.

29. Construction of Prof. Jadesola Akande’s community sport Centre.

30. Purchase of 30 seater covered modern boat for the health department.

31. Purchase of 14,000 school bags for primary school pupils.

32. Purchase of 17,000 school uniforms for primary school pupils.

33. Construction of 18,000 pieces of high quality mahogany desk and benches for primary schools.

34. Construction of a modern mosque in the  local government secretariat for  staffs.

35. Construction of a modern chapel for staffs.

36. Construction and furnishing of an air conditioned modern staff food canteen plus DSTV.

37.  Construction of one story building office annex containing 16 offices.

38. Construction of a drug dispensary.

39. Desilting all the network of drainage system in Festac Town and Amuwo Odofin low cost housing estate.

40. Distribution of over 100,000 mosquito nets.

41. Purchase of 40 KIA vehicles for political office holders and management staffs.

42. Provision of Blackberry bold 10 and IPads to Political officeholders and management staffs for the administrations e-governance system.

43. Purchase of 1 brand new big TATA truck and 1 Volvo truck for environmental use.

44. Purchase of 2 brand new ambulances.

45. Purchase of 3 dumpers, 1 swap buggy, 1 bow hit and several environmental equipments like shovels, rakes, nose masks, gloves, diggers, wheelbarrows, grass cutting machines et al

46. Purchase of one brand new Toyota Helux 4×4 for the neighbour watch under the leadership of Chief Abioro Obor.

47. Purchase of a Toyota Tundra for the neighborhood watch under the leadership of chief Abioro Obor

48. Purchase of modern furnitures and equipment for staffs and political office holders

49. Purchase of ten 500 Kva transformers

50. Purchase of 200 Kva generator

51. Approved and jointly facilitated the creation of the Amuwo Odofin local government independent traditional council.

  The above are just few of what his administration did while in office for 6 years.



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