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UBA: We’ll Continue To Empower Creative Industry In Africa }{ The Scoper Media



The United Bank for Africa (UBA) has vowed to continue to be at the forefront of empowering the creative industry across Africa.

The UBA Group Deputy Managing Director, Muyiwa Akinyemi, who said this, noted that with the bank’s visionary commitment towards nurturing and promoting talent, UBA has been making significant investments in the creative sector, such as its lifestyle and entertainment channels, REDTV and REDRadio.

Akinyemi said this at the opening ceremony of the Nigerian International Film and TV Summit (NIFSTV) in Lagos last Tuesday.

He said: “For us at UBA, we pride ourselves as Africa’s global bank, which is why we invested over a billion naira to set up the RED TV and RED Radio in 2017.


“These investments have been catalysts for growth, it is a platform that we have set up for entrepreneur’s creative minds, to launch themselves into the market.

“As you can testify, UBA’s digital online television channel, has emerged as a dynamic platform championing African creativity, encompassing diverse fields such as music, fashion, film, and more.

“UBA’s dedication to providing emerging artists, filmmakers, and designers with the means to reach broader audiences, both locally and internationally, has solidified its role as a driving force behind the African entertainment industry’s global recognition.”

He stated that through the initiatives, UBA has demonstrated that it is not merely a bank but is also a powerful enabler of talent and a pioneer in fostering Africa’s vibrant creative ecosystem, “as it remains poised to be the vanguard of Africa’s cultural expression and artistic ingenuity.”

The NIFSTV 2023 summit brought together professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts from the Nigerian film and television industry, fostering discussions on innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth.


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