Union Bank Pledges To Empower More SMEs ~ The Scoper Media


     Union bank has announced that it will double down on efforts to make funding more accessible for small and medium enterprise and retail banking businesses to enable them to create more value.

The bank’s Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, Ogochukwu Ekezie-Ekaidem, made the announcement during a webinar held recently, alongside other senior officials.

Ekezie-Ekaidem said the bank was looking at creating a cluster of many SMEs as possible and create access to market and business advisory, among other initiatives, for them.

“On the banking side, we continued to move forward under the new Chief Executive Officer, Mr Emeka Okonkwo; we have structured our businesses in a way that gives more autonomy to our regions and branches to generate more business. In this case, we have three regional executives that oversee the regions,” she said..





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