Unlock A World Of Entertainment: Africa Magic’s 20th Anniversary Celebration With GOtv Supa+ √√ The Scoper Media 


    Africa Magic is thrilled to celebrate its 20th anniversary by extending an open window opportunity to GOtv Supa+ subscribers. This means that you now have exclusive access to savour an array of new Africa Magic original local content series like Slum King, Masquerade of Aniedo, Love and Light, Chronicle and Refuge. Bringing a world of entertainment to your screens like never before.


Here are some compelling reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on these exciting new series:

  1. Exclusive Offer, only on GOtv Supa+: This is a rare chance to unlock a wealth of Africa Magic original local content. With this exclusive access, you get to enjoy shows and series that are typically hard to come by.

  2. Star Studded Cast: You’d get to see your beloved actors and actresses get in action on the screen, delivering captivating performances that you won’t want to miss. It’s a reunion with your favourites, and they’re bringing their A-game to keep you thoroughly entertained.

  3. Diverse Viewing Pleasures: With a wide range of series, dramas, mysteries, and heartwarming stories, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of intense thrillers or heartwarming tales, you’ll find your perfect match.

  4. Family Bonding: These shows and series are not just about entertainment, they’re an opportunity for families to come together. Catering to the diverse tastes of every family member, these narratives resonate across generations, fostering a deeper connection within the family unit.

  5. Celebrating 20 Years: This partnership with GOtv Supa+ is a part of Africa Magic’s grand celebration of two decades of entertaining viewers across the continent. It’s a significant milestone, and you’re invited to join in the festivities.

So, mark your calendar, get your munchies ready, and settle in for a whirlwind of entertainment.

This exclusive access to Africa Magic Showcase on GOtv Supa+ is your ticket to a celebration of authentic stories and unforgettable moments. Upgrade to GOtv Supa+ to access these and more fantastic lineup of entertainment options. Simply download the MyGOtv App or dial *288# to upgrade, reconnect, or stay connected to GOtv.

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