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  A 56-year-old virgin identified as Alvera Uwitonze has lamented the difficulty of finding a husband. The lady who is bent owing to her physical challenge has never had a boyfriend all her life and is now lonely. Alvera said a man once requested N80,000 before he could marry her.

   Alvera revealed she had suitors when she was younger but turned all of them down and now regrets that decision.

  In her words: “They used to come here and ask if they could marry me and I refused them all. I was afraid a man would come and get me pregnant them leave me and the child for someone else.”

   Alvera’s physical challenge made things difficult for her. The woman lamented that her physical challenge has made matters worse as men prefer normal or younger ladies. She recalled a particular man who consented to marry her but offered a condition that needed to be met.

   The man wanted N80,000 payment in return for marriage to her. Alvera’s situation may not have got this bad. The disabled woman stated that she was not born bent. It happened that Alvera fell ill when she was younger and was taken to a Witch Doctor for treatment by her parents instead of a hospital.

  She has this to say as she eventually came across a man in her village who agreed to marry her on the condition that she would give him $200.

  “All I am looking for right now is the $200 to give to that man because I’m getting old and I really need him because I’m sick with asthma,” she said.

  “I need help with some work and a husband as well.”

  Alvera said she was born as a normal baby but things began to change as she was growing up.

  She said she fell sick and her parents — after trying their best — abandoned her due to her condition.

   “They said if I was treated at a young age, I would be fine today. But the people I know took me to native doctors instead of the hospital,” she said.

  “I refer to that as ignorance because if they had taken me to the hospital, I would be fine by now.”

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