(VIDEO) Yahoo Boys Seen At Shrine In Uromi Edo State “Praying” For Blessings


.In an unexpected turn of events, some Edo State yahoo lads were captured on tape praying to a shrine for additional blessings

  The ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ sector, which is also known as cyber fraud in Nigeria, is not a new issue in the country.

   The unlawful operation, which is primarily carried out by young men and women, is a development of the so-called ‘419’ endeavor of the 1980s and 1990s.

   The 419 code is based on the country’s Criminal Act Section 419 (Advance Free Fraud), which forbids obtaining money from people through deception or misrepresentation, deception, fabrication, forgery, or dishonest representation of facts.

   Despite the government’s efforts to stem the tide of criminality that has earned the country a bad reputation, Internet fraud has existed for decades and shows no signs of abating.

  When the lads in the video were shown praying for blessings, they didn’t seem to care about anything.

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