Watch Video As Moniepoint MFB ‘Assisted’ Fraudsters To Steal Customer’s N9.6 Million 🎊 The Scoper Media


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sharethis sharing buttonThe digital bank merchant; Moniepoint MFB has sent one of its customers to a new year of worries with a nonchalant customer service attitude, leading to the loss of a whopping N9.6 Million belonging to the customer.


It was an unfortunate incident that was borne out of a technical copulation between Moniepoint MFB and men of the underworld; the banking merchant was reportedly unavailable when they were needed to prevent dare-devils from accessing the customer’s account, thereby, rendering assistance to the invaders technically.


According to an X (formerly twitter) user who spoke to the customer, Usman Bankkole Olajuwon, the sad event happened on 27th of December when his phone was stolen with the balance of N9.6 Million naira in his Moniepoint MFB account. Immediately, He sent mails to Moniepoint MFB to block his account but none was attended to.


While the customer was unable to get any response from Moniepoint MFB, men of the underworld were able to reset his password and withdraw his money gradually. He proceeded to the bank the following Monday but as we speak, nothing has been done to it.

Apart from the failure of the bank’s customer service, this confirms that Moniepoint MFB isn’t capable of securing customer’s funds.


Below is the narration and proofs of deducted funds


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