When Character Is Lost, Everything Is Lost! Nigerians Missed AWO And Till Today Nothing Works ~ Engr. Kayode Ojo


   He who wants to rule a state must have succeeded in governing his/her own life to success. If you are able to achieve enormous success, it implies you have succeeded in leading and managing people and resources respectively and such a man can lead a state. It’s about character. AWO had integrity, decency and dignity before he succeeded.

   Engr. Kayode Ojo has succeeded in achieving stupendous success through prudent management of resources – men and materials. He was a billionaire before his 30th birthday. This wasn’t an accident. It was a result of his dignified life built on integrity, dignity and decency.

   He is the man to manage our resources in a time like now. JKF has laid great economic foundation in Ekiti State. To sustain that requires like mind with reasonable pedigree of business success, exposure, connection and resources. Only the wise commune with the wise. A perennial politician will mess up the stage but a business man who will not do politics with our meagre resources will suffice in 2022.

   On this basis, do I introduce Engr. Kayode Olubunmi Ojo to you. Kindly do personal search of this young and gentle achiever to further guide your decision.

   Ekiti State comes first in my mind irrespective of my status in today’s politics and government.

Ekiti a gbe gbogbo wa!

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