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  A 24-year-old mobile technician, Teleheem Kamaldeen, who invaded a school in the New Nyanya area of Nasarawa State to kidnap a nine-year-old pupil, has been nabbed by the police.

  He was nabbed by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team after collecting N1.5 million. The IRT, led by Olatunji Disu, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, nabbed the Ogbomoso, Oyo State suspected after the ransom was paid by the parents of the pupil, who was eventually rescued.

  Kamaldeen said his aim was to use the ransom money to expand his business.

  He told the police after the rescue of the pupil, retrieval of the ransom money from him and his eventual arrest: “My name is Teleheem Kamaldeen.

 “I am 24 years old.

 “I am from Ogbomosho in Oyo State.

 “I was arrested because I kidnapped a nine-year-old boy in New Nyanya.

 “I went to his school to pick him.

 “I have been monitoring him for many months and I have been looking for the opportunity to abduct him.

  “His parents stay in my area in the same New Nyanya.

  “I always saw him when he was being driven to and from school.

“I have been monitoring him.

 “On the day of their vacation, I went to their school and I saw that there was free entry into the gate unlike in the past.

“People were moving freely into and out of the school.

 “The students were all playing around.

“I walked into the school and looked for him.“I told him that his mother had paid me to teach him computer operation.

“He was very happy.

“He instantly agreed to follow me.

“I told them in the school that I am his computer instructor and that I wanted to go and teach him.

“I took him away and lodged him in a hotel.

“I went with my laptop and I taught him how to operate computer.

“We were enjoying with the computer till late in the night when the battery went off and I told him that we would continue the following morning.

“While we were doing the computer work, I called his parents and told them I had had abducted their son and that they should pay me N4,000 000 (four million naira) but they negotiated it to N1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand naira).

“While we were in the hotel, I lied to the boy that his parents were aware that he was with me but in actual truth, I was speaking and negotiating ransom with the parents.”

Why I abducted him

“I am a phone repairer.

“At times people would bring phone to me for repair4t4 yummy“When I finish repairing them, some would tell me to swap them with new ones for them to add more money.

  “I do,’t have money to buy enough phones to be selling and to swap with these set of people.

  “I hope to use the ransom to buy new phones that I can be selling and swap with my customers.”

  The spokesman of the Nigeria Police Force, Commissioner of Police Frank Mba, confirmed the arrest.

  Mba said it was a “non-violent but criminal offence”.

  He warned school owners to put measures in place to protect the process of bringing in and picking students from their schools.

  He also threatened that the police would no longer only go after the suspects in case of such occurrence in the future, but also arrest and prosecute school owners, where such happened.


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