FOR THE MATURED LADIES: Check Out How To Stylishly Design Your Ankara Kaftan }{ The Scoper Media


If you want to enhance your Ankara kaftan with sophistication, here are simple design ideas for the neck, hands, and middle vertical down that will make you stand out.

For the neck design, add intricate embroidery with delicate floral or geometric patterns. Choose contrasting colors for a pop or try beadwork for some sparkle.

Enhance the hands by adding embroidered cuffs with detailed patterns or a mix of embroidery and sequins. For a subtle look, consider lace trim or beaded tassels on the sleeves.

Make the middle vertical down a focal point with a bold embroidered panel featuring intricate patterns or a personalized monogram. Alternatively, use decorative buttons or a line of beading for visual interest.

When designing your Ankara kaftan, balance elegance with comfort. Ensure embellishments don’t restrict movement, creating a well-designed kaftan that embraces maturity with confidence and style.

Source: Opera News

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