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JAPA SYNDROME:  Man Who Returned From Abroad Completely Poor, Breaks Down In Joy As Nigerians Lift Him Again (WATCH VIDEO) }{ The Scoper Media


     Charitable Nigerians have shown help to a fellow citizen who returned from abroad broke and penniless after he suffered challenges

It was gathered that the Nigerian man used to live abroad where he earned 3 million naira every month but had suffered some undisclosed setbacks which caused him to return to the country without any cash of his own.

man security abroad nigerians
Security man.

After coming back to Nigeria, the man began earning N50,000 a month as a security guard.

But after @a.a_clown2 shared his life experience on social media, it took an amazing turn for the better.

Some charitable Nigerians began sending money to the man after watching the video, and 48 hours later, about 745K had been raised for the man.

In addition, he got a dispatch bike from the famous Nigerian blogger, Tunde Edunt.

Not stopping there, it was added that the man has a job offer as well as a car waiting to be given to him.

Speaking on how he feels about his sudden change of story, the man said that it feels like a miracle and he is still trying to come to grasps with it.

Watch the videos 👇👇👇👇👇


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