HOW DAD’S NAME FROM HIS GRAVE SAVED MY LIFE – Tunde Jakande ~ The Scoper Media


  I suddenly took ill last week and had to be taken urgently to the Hospital.

  At the Federal Medical Centre Ebute Metta, I was admitted into the emergency Ward.

  I was given some Medication that eventually stabilized my condition. I became conscious of my Environment.

  The Doctor who attended to me began asking some health related questions.

  While punching my details/data in the Computer, he probably saw my name for the first time.

Are you Tunde Jakande ?

Yes Doctor.

  Are you related to Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande ?


He immediately stopped what he was doing.

(Suddenly went emotional)

  That Man made me a Doctor. Oh LKJ !

  I come from a very poor Home and was was brought to Lagos from the East as House help to one of my Uncles.

  The People I was staying with were not interested in sending me to School.

  While they sent their Children to Private Schools, I was left on my own.

  But I wanted to go to School and grudgingly, they sent me to Jakande School which was free.

  I probably would have ended up as a Street Boy but that man gave me hope.

  The day he died, I cried. I prayed for his soul.

  Listen I will give you my private number and will personally make sure you are ok.

  I am so happy to meet you Mr Tunde. Please be my Friend.

  Dr Okeme of the FMC has called me more than five times since I left the Hospital, enquring about my test results and health condition.

  He is doing this not because of money or other benefits but to pay back a deed done by a Man he never met physically

  How are you affecting the lives of People around you today ?

  How will or can your deeds today affect the lives of your Children, Grand Children or Relatives decades from now ?

  All through my life, People have welcomed me into their Homes, Offices and lives. They have given me oppurtunities because of the name I carry.

  I was taught to respect money but never be compelled to make money by all means.

  I was told early in life to aim at affecting lives positively and building a good name.

  I realised early I do not have to be a Politician or hold Public Offices to make that impact.

  I realised I do not have to prove I have Billions of Naira to feel accomplished.

  I realised early that planting positivity in the lives of People and doing good is what will eventually impact the lives of my Children and Grand Children in their journey of life. Then I may not be alive.

  I urge us all to take a moment to reflect on our values and the reputation we are building for our Children.

  Will the money (stolen) cover our Children, Grand and great Grand Children where and when they need help ?

  We must reset our prioritise my Brothers and Sisters. We must leave a legacy such that someone somewhere whom we probably have not met, will say, if not for that man or woman, I would never have been where I am today.

Rest in peace the best Governor ever .

Tunde Jakande


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