Annie Idibia has apologised to her 2Baba, her husband, over the crisis that rocked their marriage.

  The actress was in a well-publicised dispute with 2Baba after she called out the singer for allegedly spending nights with one of his two baby mamas under the guise of seeing his children.

  The outburst made their marital strife a public debate, prompting social media rows between their family members.

  In an emoji-laden Instagram post on Saturday, Annie described the last 10 weeks as the worst moment of her life.

  Annie sought 2Baba’s forgiveness and apologised to both relatives and friends whom she said she had let down.

  “It’s a brand new chapter for me. I would really love to start it on a clean slate. This year has been a lot, so much blessings and pain. I let a lot of people down, especially the people close to me,” the model wrote.

  “The last 10weeks have been the worst of my entire life, yes the worst since I was born. I have gone from being so angry to being so broken and back to anger. And then sadly, which I am ashamed to admit, suicidal!

  “I have acted so badly in a way I am not proud of. I allowed my emotions to cloud me.

  “I allowed my emotions to lead me into making bad decisions, allowed my anger and emotions, to make me act on something that’s wasn’t true cos I was kept in dark! I want to apologize to my husband.

  “I am so sorry I threw you out there like I did (so unwise ). That isn’t the kind of woman you married, totally sorry for all the mental stress and heartbreak it caused you. So sorry I put both our families out there, the way I did.

  “To my beautiful mothers, my amazing mother and my beautiful mother-in-law, I am sorry I let both of you down. No mother should go through the kind of pain that you both felt. I am far from perfect.

  “But I have decided to choose peace. And I wanna do better, given the chance. To both my families, the Macaulays and the Idibias, I am sorry for all the pain and disrespect towards both families, please forgive me.”

  2Baba got married to Annie in May 2012. They both have two children, Olivia Idibia and Isabella Idibia.

  He had previously been in a relationship with two other women: Sumbo Ajala-Adeoye and Pero Adeniyi.

  2Baba fathered two children with Sumbo and three with Pero, becoming a dad to seven kids in total.

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